Angel City: Town Without Pity available now!

Hey folks! The Trade paperback of Volume one of my comic book series, ANGEL CITY: TOWN WITHOUT PITY, is available now at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and fine comics retailers everywhere!

We are getting great reviews in the AV Club, Publishers Weekly, and

SCENE QUEEN completes post production


Good news everyone - we've completed post on the feature and submitted to Sundance and South by Southwest. Fingers crossed, for our festival chances!

I'm super proud of the picture, and everyone's contribution to it. Here's some images from the cast and crew viewing party!




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SCENE QUEEN wraps principal photography


Hi everyone, 

I'm pleased to announce that SCENE QUEEN has wrapped principal photography! We hit a few hiccups on the road to completion, but as it goes with independent production, we kept our little boat afloat with the help of friends, the kindness of strangers, sheer grit, determination, and lots and lots of hot pink duct tape.

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Final week of the SCENE QUEEN Kickstarter

The Kickstarter is live for my new movie, SCENE QUEEN! It's about girls who get into fights and post the videos on the internet. There are a lot of cool rewards, including a chance to be in the movie. Check it out!


New Project

I guess this counts as vaguebooking, but I'm very excited about some new projects coming up... not the least of which is a fun project with my friends at Excelsior Entertainment!


More news, as I'm at liberty to divulge!!